Sausage & Meat

We like knowing what has gone into the foods that we eat and where it comes from and we think that you do too. Our meat is bought locally as much as possible and is of the highest quality. We use sea salt in our recipes because it is healthier for you and we use much less than our competitors, sometimes up to 75% less than our competitors!

We make our own spice mixes because then we know what goes into our recipes, only natural and healthy ingredients. There is not a single ingredient in our plant that contains gluten and we are proud of that. We know that this is very important to our customers. Our plant is nut free. Our plant is lactose free. Actually, our plant is free of any allergens identified by the CFIA. Just simple healthy recipes made with sea salt, spices and the best meat available.

Our pork sausage is made with superior meat which makes the sausage leaner and healthier. Our pork is 100% vegetarian fed and contains no added hormones or antibiotics.

Our sausage contains NO fillers or binders, NO MSG or Nitrates and NO additives or preservatives. We use Sea Salt for seasoning and Rocky Mountain Spring Water for processing. All of our sausages are nut and lactose FREE and are made in a Gluten and Allergen Free facility.


We carry a wide range of other meats and seafood in addition to our sausages.